Vinyl Williams and Chaz Bundick Trance Zen Dental Spa


December 9th, 2014

Los Angeles-based artist and producer Vinyl Williams builds A/V collages: his work for Tears For Fears, bEEdEEgEE, and Dub Thompson are songs reimagined through the hazy lens of VHS and glitch. In his own work as a musician, the collages come to life. To listen is to get lost in weird, gorgeous distortion; the audio equivalent of tripping.

Williams’ 2014 EP, Trance Zen Dental Spa, created in collaboration with Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi, Les Sins), is an experiment in tactile listening. Each of the five tracks was built for, and into, an interactive world. The record unfolds as you wander, making synesthesia something like a contagious thing.

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1. Soul Tan
2. Higher Harmonic of Ultraviolet
3. Luxury
4. Sorouse
5. Lovely