Uffie Sunshine Factory (Remixes)


September 22nd, 2022

More than a decade after her debut album, Uffie returned with her second full-length, Sunshine Factory, striving to build an inclusive community where those in attendance can dance and feel comfortable in their own skin in this alternate reality. Having worked with trusted collaborators and producers Chaz Bear (Toro y Moi) and Norwegian savant Lasse Lokøy to create this sonic universe, Uffie welcomes three of her favorite DJs: DJ_Dave, Alex Chapman, and Ty Sunderland to what has become Sunshine Factory (Remixes). Hand-picked for their work in their own electronic dance spaces, the Sunshine Factory mentality will be brought to like-minded audiences with club-ready beats and the dial turned up to eleven.

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1. anna jetson (DJ_Dave Edit)
2. sophia (Alex Chapman Remix)
3. where does the party go? (Ty Sunderland Remix)